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Charlotte’s Web Jewellery Photography


I wanted to share some photos I’ve been working on recently for a very talented lady, London based Silversmith and Artist, Charlotte Yeo. I always love working with creative people, so it was a pleasure to chat about ideas and to photograph her amazing hand-made jewellery creations.

Her work is heavily influenced by the natural world, her latest collections focusing on the sea, leaves, fruits and birds. We really wanted to reflect this in the images, so I worked a lot with natural fabrics, leaves and her own collection of amazing interesting objects. My personal favourite has to be that super cool weathered and twisted blue glass bottle, what a find!

Be sure to check out Charlotte’s website to find out all about her and her work..

See something you like? Well here’s a link to her Etsy shop, with lots of lovely hand-made pieces of her jewellery for sale!

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